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In a world where everything is pre-packaged, pre-polished and pre-digested, when "punk" is just another name for "plastic pop with distortion pedals", it can be refreshing to come across music that is truly "raw". Cursed are nothing if not raw. The freescaping music of Cursed is entirely improvised - even the overdubs consist of unplanned punch-ins, usually with both members playing at once. A collaboration between e-Wok and Urd, it combines their home-grown musicality with a celebration of the possibility of "the mistake" as a moment of sonic shock.

The Wursed of Cursed takes selected portions from gigabytes of loose, free jamming and sows them into a fascinating listen. The temptation to regard the album's sweet melodicism as background music is regularly challenged, whether by the distortion kicking in on opening track Beekeeper or the startlingly violent conclusion to the otherwise delicate Ghostnotes.

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Cursed - The Wursed Of Cursed
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1. Beekeeper
2. Spaghetti Loops
3. By The Time I Get To KleenX
4. Plane From Mars
5. Brown Love
6. Plastic Breath
7. I've Got Ill Wind, And She's Blowing Me No Good
8. Cathedral Of Dreams
9. The Dream Cathedral Of Dreams
10. Underworked, Underrecorded
11. Isle Of Wind
12. Destroyed And Reborn
13. Lord Cock on the Pull
14. Lucky Pate
15. Rug Jumper
16. ODM
17. Ghostnotes
18. Next Progression Down
19. TNT

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