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Nom de solo of Clint Flicks' own Warwick Holt, e-Wok mostly provides key soundtrackery to Warwick's docos.

Having first contributed several soundtrack items to the Clint Flicks documentary, Just For Laughs?, e-Wok was set upon the world of Star Wars fans for The PhanDom Menace and birthed the theme tune Lost In The Stars, featuring the prodigious voice of classical diva Ebony Blue. Ebony's powerful performance meshed with the driving synths provides a cyberhuman backdrop to the dazzling opening sequence.

e-Wok's other key contribution to The PhanDom Menace was the instrumental piece Droid World, which was remixed by a.d. machine into a variety of guises on the Droid World EP. In return, he remixed 1999's Aircar To The Moon.

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Noises from The PhanDom Menace
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1. Lost in the Stars - e-Wok feat. Ebony Blue (4:18)
7. Droid World (2:16)
9. Aircar to the Moon [Very C Grade Remix] - 1999 [remix by e-Wok] (2:51)
10. Droid World [robot tribe] - e-Wok [remix by a.d. machine] (6:22)

Also featuring tracks by Phonophobic, Brëss, 1999, Beef Beef Viola and Plastic Spacemen.

A D Machine / e-Wok - Droid World
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DROID WORLD (1-4 are remixes by a.d.machine, 2000)

1. Droid World [satellite of doom] (7:32)
2. Droid World [robot tribe] (6:22)
3. Droid World [on a spacecraft] (3:46)
4. Droid World [above space] (5:20)
5. Droid World (2:16)

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